A gifted Margate Cake Studio can go quite a distance in identifying the quality and also the character of the wedding cake.

For one, theme weddings could be a portal to genuinely creative wedding cake suggestions from a Margate Cake Studio. A medieval theme wedding would bring about a cake to be laced with pearls and a gold crown. An adventure-loving couple might have a cake topped with small figurines of the newlyweds in a small plane or perhaps a motorcycle. The Victorian theme wedding, for instance, could have a cake adorned with bows and Victorian roses. For an Oriental-themed wedding, the cake with 2 tiers topped with a vase filled with delicious handmade orchid is ideal.

Also, the theme for any wedding cake could depend on one’s preferred flower, whether it’s sunflower, pansy, bird-of-paradise, rose, etc. A talented Margate Cake Studio may replicate wedding bouquets on the cake or a garden akin to one’s yard, complete with picket fences.

There are seasonal themed cakes. Seasonal themes provide the Margate Cake Studio a license to let their creativity to run free. For weddings that are set for the fall season, the cake can be embellished with grapes, grape leaves and chrysanthemums. The summer-themed wedding cakes could be accentuated with bows and white daisies.

Also, there are wedding cakes based on one’s preferred jewelry. The diamond lover can have a stunning diamond themed cake, although that can be a costly option. For the jade lover, the cake can be made to look like a bunch of complex shaped jade boxes. Additionally, there are wedding cakes based on china patterns.

For a truly unique wedding cake, it is best to talk to a Margate Cake Studio, preferably months before the wedding day. Though there will always be that desire to come up with that particularly exceptional design yourself, there is no harm in picking the minds of a professional who does this for a living.