Today isn’t the day to be wondering about diets. You’ve been working hard thinking about the party, but have you thought about the cake?

Cakes used to be saved for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions, but now that they are so readily available, why not have them at every party? Most people really enjoy eating cakes, especially if they are Cherry Hill custom cakes that really wow them. Out-of-the-ordinary looking cakes work great for wowing people, especially if they’ve never seen it before. Exotic flavors are also a big hit with most people, since they are just used to the typical chocolate or vanilla flavors.

One thing to do would be to think about what sort of cake you would like to get. After all, there are so many options. For instance, you may want to get a sponge cake or perhaps a mousse one, or maybe even an ice-cream cake that is always a crowd pleaser. You have to to decide on a flavor to settle for. Chocolate and vanilla will almost always be the safest options since almost everyone will like them. Or, if certain fresh fruits are in season, then you could have your cake flavored with these. A perfect instance of this is where Cherry Hill custom cakes adds cubes of mango or strawberries to the baked cake by slicing it through the center, adding the fruit blended with sweetened cream and then putting back both layers. This never fails to hit the spot.

One more new trend will be the creation of cakes in special shapes. Tiers piled in contrasting shapes add intrigue and an infinite number of options to a fundamental cake. You could have a Cherry Hill custom cake using a square bottom topped with two round cake levels, or you could even use diverse shapes to build every single tier. A good trend for chocolate lovers would be to treat themselves and their visitors to a decadent cake that is entirely chocolate. They no longer need to hide their chocolate cakes behind white frosting. And then there’s the “mini-cakes” trend. Naturally a person large, gorgeous cake is impressive, but multiple cakes are even much better. This trend can go in two unique paths. You’ll be able to place a mini cake for every table at your reception or you possibly can even have a mini cake for every guest. These mini cakes are already known to really wow guests, and they arrive in the classic, formal design and style or with dashy, colorful decorations.