Once you have made the decision what type of wedding cake you want and also have at least a general idea of the style you want, you’re ready to begin going to an Atlantic City Cake Bakery. When you do, be sure to taste their wedding cake samples. Don’t allow yourself be swayed by talk about the ingredients they will use, taste their wedding cake samples and decide on your own because, honestly, your guests aren’t going to know if your wedding cake was made from flour imported from a water powered mill on the southern bank of a coastal stream in upper Scotland. All they are going to know is whether or not your wedding cake tastes good and looks good. So allow taste (as well as artistry) to be your gauge in choosing a bakery to provide your cake.

Look at the pictures that the Atlantic City Cake Bakery has of past wedding cakes to decide if the Atlantic City Cake Bakery is actually even capable of doing what you have in mind. It is helpful to have a picture in hand to show the designer what you want, that way they will understand what part of their wedding cake portfolio to show you.

To avoid surprises on your wedding day, ask your Atlantic City Cake Bakery how much time they need to setup the cake. In most cases they will need to set up one to two hours prior to the time the guests will begin arriving, however that all depends on the wedding cake you order as well as the other cakes your Atlantic City Cake Bakery needs to deliver that same day. This will mean that your wedding cake location will need to be established (within a highly visible but secure area – wedding cakes don’t like fireplaces, children, and high traffic areas if your table is the least bit wobbly).

Likewise, ask about their policy for placing fresh flowers on the wedding cake, if your wedding cake design includes flowers. Sometimes an Atlantic City Cake Bakery can be very picky and won’t allow the flower shop to place flowers on their cake (to be fair, in some cases this has come out of a bad experience where a bride was not happy with the cake after a florist placed flowers on the wedding cake). Of course, if the Atlantic City Cake Bakery puts the flowers on the cake, the flowers will have to be in the wedding reception hall when the cake is delivered. This way you can make sure that the flowers on the wedding cake match the rest of the flowers in your wedding and actually get placed on the cake.

Also, if you want the Atlantic City Cake Bakery to match a color in your color scheme (such as the color of the bridesmaids gown); bring a piece of fabric of the colored fabric to the initial consultation with your cake designer. Her idea of mauve and your idea are most likely not exactly the same so unless you want to run the risk of having colors that clash, supply a swatch. Be warned, though, icing has to be colored by hand so trying to match a color is going to be time consuming, which will mean a higher price for you.