A look back…

I’m often asked if I have a favorite cake.  Many designers and creative types will tell you their favorite project is the one they are currently producing.  After all, it’s hard not to see these projects like your kids and who can pick their favorite child?  BUT, if I had to pick a favorite cake from all of 2011, it would be the tilted cake with fresh flowers (yes, fresh flowers) shown below made in April of last year.

If you know me or my business, you know I enjoy making all of our flowers from sugar, and the flowers for this cake could have been sugar. I rarely, if ever, add fresh flowers to a cake.  The bride was the soon to be sister in law of a friend and colleague who was her florist, so I couldn’t say no, right?

The sole condition for using fresh flowers on the cake was to make something wild… the bride was game.

Many cakers make tilted cakes, and they present their own set of challenges, however the difference here was we needed to use Oasis floral foam between the tiers to keep the flowers from wilting.  This was not easily accomplished, but I think the result is spectacular. I’m proud of this cake not only for the design, but for the challenge of its construction, which I have not seen with fresh flowers.

This special wedding was held in a rustic barn (see the concrete block walls?)  The flowers for the cake, tables and flatbed truck were provided and arranged by Laura from Savannah’s Garden.

PS The groom went into the woods to cut a base for the cake… this is actually the second base he cut… the first one had split!